Zeke Matthews is the second main protagonist in the twenty-fourth Goosebumps book, Phantom of the Auditorium.


Zeke and his best friend, Brooke Rodgers attended Woods Mill Middle School and auditioned for a play that their teacher, Ms. Walker had arranged called The Phantom as they are both horror fans. Ms. Walker told them that the play was cursed, but Zeke and Brooke did not believe her and thought of it as a joke. They also heard rumors of a phantom haunting their school, but no one had ever seen him. Zeke and his friends only knew that he had been haunting Woods Mill Middle School for more than seventy years.

One Friday afternoon at the end of school, Zeke caught up with Brooke at her locker and reminded her about the cast list for the play. When they got there, they found a note saying that Brooke had been suspended from school. But it was only Zeke playing a trick on Brooke. Then Brooke saw that she and Zeke had actually got the two biggest parts as Esmerelda and The Phantom respectively. Zeke was not convinced at first until Tina Powell, a seventh-grader that Brooke does not get along with told him so, with Robert Hernandez being Zeke's understudy and Zeke and his friend were most happy to have the lead roles.

General Information

Physical appearance

Zeke is twelve years old, Caucasian, tall and thin with blond hair and a couple of freckles.


Zeke is a highly excitable joker who is always looking for thrills and is a big fan of things to do with horror. He also likes to be the center of attention and he would tend to show off or play one of his jokes to get it. But Zeke can also be thoughtful and sometimes pretty tense and he doesn't like to be accused of something that he didn't do. He also tries not to get on Ms. Walker's bad side, but he does like her too. He is very close to Brooke, often calling her "Brookie" and they have been friends for nine years and they just know everything about each other (Zeke hates it when Brooke tells people that he still wears Kermit the Frog pajamas). Zeke does tend to annoy Brooke sometimes, especially with his jokes, but they still get along as friends. Zeke also hates his freckles, even though people hardly notice them after a while and they disappear when he gets a tan. Of all the kids at Woods Mill Middle School, Zeke has to be one of the cooler and funnier guys there.

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