Zane O'Dell is the cousin of Trina and Dan O'Dell, who appeared in Night of the Living Dummy III.


Zane went with his parents to visit his uncle, Danny O'Dell, who lived in a very old house with his family. The house looked very frightening to Zane, which gave his cousins, Trina and Dan, the advantage to scare him, since Zane is afraid of many things. First they made Zane think there were ghosts in the attic, by walking around and howling like ghosts, then they sneaked into his closet and made him think his clothes were dancing. And they rigged a pair of his aunt's panty hose so they cast a ghostly shadow of legs onto Zane's bedroom floor. Zane was so frightened that he ran out of the house and refused to come back in. And when he left, he told his father, Cal O'Dell that he never wanted to come back.


Zane was said to be very timid; according to Trina, people would have thought he was five or six, as he is pretty nerdy, his nose runs a lot and he is afraid of many things. He is pretty shy and is often embarrassed at times.

Zane can be very judgmental, and he tends to hold a grudge (as he did with Trina and Dan for scaring him). He can also be a bit of a snitch, which is shown when he told his uncle he caught Trina and Dan in the attic.


Zane is twelve years old, Caucasian, big and beefy, built kind of like a bulldog. He is actually good-looking with round blue eyes, wavy blond hair and a nice smile.



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  • Zane is the third kid character in the Living Dummy books who plays pranks on the main characters other then Slappy. The others being Lindy in the first book, and Jed in the second book.
  • Zane is turned into a dummy in the episode but not in the book.
  • Zane's role in the book and the TV episode are very different. In the book, he doesn't find out the dummies are alive and leaves the house never wanting to come back. In the TV episode, he finds out, helps his cousins defeat Slappy, and leaves the house hoping to see his cousins again.