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Wendy is the main protagonist in the thirty-third Goosebumps book, The Horror at Camp Jellyjam. She is the older sister of Elliot.


Wendy and Elliot were going on a road trip with their parents to Wyoming, which was a very long trip. It wasn't very exciting and Wendy and Elliot were soon pestering their mother about how bored they were, saying that they wanted to go to camp. Their mother tried to get them play a game, but to no avail. After a futile game of Car Geography, Wendy asked her parents about letting her and Elliot ride in the trailer for a while. Their parents were uneasy at first, but they eventually agreed as long as they were careful. And a few seconds later, Wendy and Elliot were in the trailer, bouncing along, enjoying the ride while the car started to climb a steep hill.

General Information

Physical appearance

Wendy is twelve years old, African-American, tall and skinny with brown hair and brown eyes.


Wendy is a very fair person who never cares about winning, as to her a game is just a game. She does worry about Elliot when he gets really intense and she is always ready to send her whistle signal to calm him. She does play some games with her brother and she would always let him win so that he wouldn't lose and she knows he hates being called a chicken. She gets pretty frustrated with Elliot at times, but there are moments where they agreed on things. Wendy can also get bored easily and sometimes sarcastic. She is also the kind of person that does get worried, such as when the campers were disappearing at Camp Jellyjam. But Wendy is a thrill-seeker and she would always have fun whenever she felt like it.

List of appearances


  • Wendy is the first female protagonist to be African-American.
  • Wendy's surname was never said in the book.

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