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Welcome to Camp Nightmare is the fifth and sixth episodes of Season 1, and the fifth and sixth episodes overall. It is based on the ninth Goosebumps book of the same name. The episode premiered on Fox Network on November 11, 1995.


  • Kaj-Erik Eriksen as Billy Harlan
  • Chris Benson as Uncle Al
  • Jeffrey Akomah as Jay
  • Ken Mundy as Colin
  • Benjamin Plener as Roger
  • Paul Brogren as Larry
  • David Roemmele as Mike
  • Sarah Mitchell as Dawn
  • Greg Kramer as George
  • Gil Garratt as Counselor
  • Kerry Duff as Dori
  • Alex Hazisavvas as Martha
  • Danny Sohal as Kevin Spears
  • Alec Bachlow as Mr. Harlan (uncredited)
  • Michèle Duquet as Mrs. Harlan (uncredited)

Differences from the Book

  • In the book, Uncle Al gives the boys rifles. In the episode, Uncle Al gives the boys devices that look similar to crossbows.


Tv book 03

The Goosebumps Presents book based off the TV episode.

  • This episode was adapted into Goosebumps Presents Book #3.
  • When the episode first aired, it was originally intended to have the theme that The Cuckoo Clock of Doom and The Girl Who Cried Monster had. Instead, it was replaced with the original theme, except when the word "Goosebumps" appeared through the door of the house, the word continued to move.
  • Benjamin Plener (Roger) played Jonathan Hall in Season 3's, The Haunted House Game.
  • David Roemmele (Mike) played Billy Brown in Season 3's, The Perfect School.
  • Kerry Duff, who had an uncredited appearance as a camper, played Margo in Season 1's Night of the Living Dummy II.
  • The rubber snake that Mike was "bitten" by is seen in two close-up shots as a real Ball Python.


Home Media

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