Vanessa is a mysterious woman and the main antagonist of the fifty-third Goosebumps book, Chicken Chicken.


Everyone in town thinks that Vanessa is weird, with her Gothic appearance, people normally don't mess with her because of the rumors. One day, when she was grocery shopping, two kids named Crystal and Cole spilled all her groceries, Vanessa gets very upset, and she whispers, "Chicken Chicken" then Crystal and Cole turn into chickens, and their scary adventure begins. In the end, the two children write a letter apologizing to Vanessa, she accepts and turns them human again, unfortunately, Cole begins belching while drinking the soda she gave him and Crystal, Vanessa gets disgusted, Crystal asks what her problem is, and Vanessa whispers, "Pig Pig".

General information

Physical appearance

Vanessa is Caucasian, tall and thin with long straight black hair and a pale white face and she dresses entirely in black.


Vanessa has been considered a strange woman who always kept to herself in her farmhouse and never speaking to anyone whenever she came into town. Whenever someone did something that she didn't like, Vanessa would get very angry and cast a spell on the person, mainly kids who had played tricks on her. The reason Vanessa casts her spells on people is because of how mean they are to her and she felt the need to teach them a lesson, though she can be reluctant to do so. To Vanessa, politeness is so important, especially to young people and good manners is what Vanessa cares about more than anything else in the world and she has dedicated her life to them. Vanessa always wished that kids today weren't so rude, but she would always give another chance and reverse the spell when they do something polite for her - unless they start being rude again.


  • Many people have disliked Chicken Chicken because of Vanessa not receiving any comeuppance for her actions. However, it would seem that they had forgotten the details of Vanessa's full personality and the fact that some of the children have been more in the wrong than she has (it may be possible that Tommy Pottridge did something to upset Vanessa before she made his head swell up like a balloon).

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