I just want to hear other people's theories and ideas. I hope that Slappy and Stine will be friends again, Horrorland will be involved, the monsters and humans will have to team up to stop the Horrorland Horrors, we will be introduce to new characters like Cuddles the Hamster, Mr. Wood, Dennis, Rocky, R.I.P. the Cat, etc., A better look at Hannah and Stine's relationship (because you never got to see that in the first film), Zack and Hannah having a child together (that would be soooo cute), figuring out why Stine had left Mr. Wood in Chicago at the ending of the Goosebumps Game, what made The Typewriter magical, how Stine got The Typewriter in the first place, being able to see Panic Park, having flashbacks to when Slappy and the other monsters were kids (that would also be soooo cute, just imagine what Monster Tots would look like). And finally, they should let certain monsters live with Stine, this would include Slappy, Mr. Wood, The Werewolf of Fever Swamp, The Haunted Mask, Count Nightwing, The Abomindable Snowman of Pasedena and The Lawn Gnomes. So that is what I think would happen in the Goosebumps Sequel, comment theories down below and tell me what you think. And maybe the writers of Goosebumps 2 will probably look at this post and incorperate our ideas :) :) :) :) :) :) :) -Slappy'sGirlfriend2598. 

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