- Slappy is the oldest bewteen him and Wally, roughly a year. But he is over proctective of his little brother because he has a fear that they will be seperated again.

- Slappy secretly loves The Teletubbies and Wally secretly loves Care Bears.

- Wally is more intelligent than Slappy. If he had the chance to go to school, the classes he will take would take would be, Science, Math, History and English.

- Wally really wants to contribute to the scientific community and wants to win the Nobel Prize for his inventions. But, he is afraid the world will fear him since he is a a Goosebumps Creature.

- One time, back when Slappy was 13 am Wally was 12, they wanted to go see an R rated movie but Stine told them that they were too young. So Slappy bought a long trench coat and a hat and stood on top of Wally's shoulders to disguise themselves as a tall person. Their plan worked for a while until once they got into the theater but, Stine was in there the same time they took off their disguise and punished them for 6 months without T.V.

- Sometimes when Stine goes to work at the High School, Wally sneaks into Stine's briefcase to tag along, just so that he can see what the school experience is like. He also signed up for the Chest Team and the Chemistry Club.

- Slappy and The Werewolf had known each other since they were 5 years old. It was cute because sometimes in the winter, Slappy would hitch Will up to his tobaggan and they would both pretend that that they were in a Sled Dog Race.

- Back when he was 2, Wally had a fear of the dark. So sometimes when Slappy was alseep, Wally would sneak into his bed and hug his arm and nuzzle into his older brother for comfort. Even though Slappy was asleep the whole time, he will smile the whole time.

- One time, Slappy had been practicing his magic until he had accidently used a Brain Drain spell on Wally so he lost his intelligence and turned into a blithering idoit. So Slappy had to hide Wally from Stine for the until Slappy had found a reversal spell to get his little brother back to normal. Some of the things Wally did was suck his thumb, drooled al lot and said things like "Duhhhh" and "Slappy, I saw a Mutant Werewolf from Outer Space!!!!" While rocking back and forth in a corner. And he would always call Slappy "Slippy". Pretty soon Stine had found out what happened and taught Slappy the reversal spell and got Wally back to normal.  

So that is it for now, enjoy :) :) :) :) :) -Slappy'sGirlfriend2598

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