1. 1 the huanted school:reason-its simply amazing unsettling mysterious and totally unexpeted
  1. 2 the huanter-reason-its very scary and has some of the best characters of any goosebumps
  1. 3 the phantom of the aditorium-reason-fansasty mystery,thuogh not scary.
  1. 4 beware,the snowman-reason-great story pretty good characters and awesome monster
  1. 5 night of the living dummy 2-good build up, ok characters and pretty scary


  1. 1 don't go to sleep-reason-the story is not scary the characters suck,wait what characters?
  1. 2 welcome to camp nightmare-very scary fantastic build up good characters on the bath to being the best goosebumps book in history!.then the guys parents jump out of no where and say its all a prank

  1. 3 deep truoble-the story is simply not in fact almost nothing happens or at least nothing scary in anyway

  1. 4 one day at horrorland-reason- its pretty much just some guys at a normal theme park thats ment to be scary,no monsters, no ghosts,nothing

  1. 5 beast from the east-reason- the monsters and goofy and stupid theres no real plot.

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