• Rooster787

    TOP 5 BEST

    1. 1 the huanted school:reason-its simply amazing unsettling mysterious and totally unexpeted
    1. 2 the huanter-reason-its very scary and has some of the best characters of any goosebumps
    1. 3 the phantom of the aditorium-reason-fansasty mystery,thuogh not scary.
    1. 4 beware,the snowman-reason-great story pretty good characters and awesome monster
    1. 5 night of the living dummy 2-good build up, ok characters and pretty scary


    1. 1 don't go to sleep-reason-the story is not scary the characters suck,wait what characters?
    1. 2 welcome to camp nightmare-very scary fantastic build up good characters on the bath to being the best goosebumps book in history!.then the guys parents jump out of no where and say its all a prank

    1. 3 deep truoble-the story is sim…

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  • Rooster787

    there are meny goosebumps bok as we all know there are the famus ones night of the ling dummy welcom to dead house exetra, but there are meny fantasic books few have read heres a small list

    1. 1 the huanted school :the huanted school is a truly amazing book its scary mysterious great build up and totally unexpetted story, but i've look online at the fna bse exetra its raely talked about, a  video of the top 30 best it was not on there. i've reached the conlosion that its not commenly read more people should read

    1. 2 night of the living dummy 2: thuogh it s commenly read and talked about its seemingly living in the shadow of 1 and 3 thuogh what the heck night of the livng dummy 2 is 30 times better then 1 and 3, better charactors the things slammy…

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