For this countdown, I'm ranking all of the Night of the Living Dummy sequels, so let's get started with these books featuring fan favorite, antagonist of the movie, and most popular Goosebumps character of all time, Slappy!
Slappy (Monstruo Foto del blog)
  • #8: Son of Slappy: Scary story, with a bad ending, well, if your on Jackson's side, maybe someday he'll claim his good name.
  • #7: Night of the Living Dummy III: I didn't hate this, but the cover looked like an army of dummies, but only Rocky was with him, and the other dummies killed him, or did they?
  • #6: Slappy New Year!: Good entry, but once again, Slappy is trying to get a kid framed, oh well, it's pretty mean.
  • #5: Bride of the Living Dummy: It seems that Slappy wants to find love, but he just wants a slave, it's a scary story, but this book acused Slappy of being a pedophile on villains wiki.
  • #4: Slappy Birthday to You: It was awesome to see him again, well, he got him on the movie two years earlier, and it's a fun story, with a tragic ending, according to Slappy.
  • #3: Revenge of the Living Dummy: The Mind Stealer was a good bonus, and Slappy is at his wits again, and we get to see Slappy in HorrorLand, just awesome, even though it was just a picture, until Dr. Maniac vs. Robby Schwartz.
  • #2: Slappy's Nightmare: it was amazing to see Slappy as our narrator, we get to hear his thoughts, this was a really interesting Goosebumps book.
  • #1: Night of the Living Dummy II:,Slappy wants to break poor Amy Kramer, this is the worst thing and most evil thing he's ever done, it's a really scary story that brings the terror of Slappy, the book that gave him his crown as the king of all Goosebumps villains, and this book get's extra points for a lot of people saying that this is the greatest Goosebumps book ever, I've even heard someone giving this book a 5000 out of 10! Just amazing!

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