These five just get on my nerves, I hope the monster gets you!

  • 5: Kermit Majors: well, he's not our main character, but he's a character that you just want to slap!
  • 4: Steven Swenny: He kinda deserves what he got, after messing with Ava and Courtney.
  • 3: Brandon Plush: Are we supposed to route for him? He's a bully!
  • 2: Todd Bastrow: He loves worms, and he's screaming at them, what's the matter? I thought they were your intrest, ha ha ha ha ha ha.
  • 1: Tim Swanson: Tim is so stupid! After all you've been through, you still want to be in Amaz-O's show, and you get turned into a hare, that's what you get for being a moron!

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