I already made a list for worst sequels, but I never made one for best sequels, they are. Also, the reason why I'm excluding Slappy's books is because he more than two good sequels, and I don't want to make #1 obvious.

    1. 5: Return to Ghost Camp: Yes I know it has nothing to do with Ghost Camp, but I really like this book, it's really creepy, and it reminded me of a camping trip my grandparents took us on when I was 6. The Snatcher is a creepy ghost as well.
    1. 4: Monster Blood II: Evan was really relatable in this book, that teacher that is mean to you and a bully that needs to be put out of his misery, and unlike the other Monster Blood books, this one's got a really cool villain excluding the Monster Blood, Cuddles the Hamster! (Well, Monster Blood IV has those blue slugs, but they are not cool.)
    1. 1: The Scream of the Haunted Mask: How is Carly Beth still 12? I don't know, but other than that, this is a very well written sequel. Never put it down, and the HorrorLand section was great, and ended with a scary cliffhanger, I love the summary on the back, In HorrorLand, Every night is Halloween (I freakin wish!). Because of all this, I can easily call The Scream of the Haunted Mask the Best Goosebumps sequel besides Night of the Living Dummy II.

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