For this list, I'm counting off monsters that I like and other people like, but they come from bad Goosebumps books! These monsters deserve so much better.

  • #4: Vanessa from Chicken Chicken: everyone hates this book, but it's okay, Vanessa is a really good villain, and I can relate to her, when someone makes me mad, she gets revenge! It's ashame the book she comes from always gets a bad score, it may have a dumb plot, but Vanessa is a good character.
  • #1: Amaz-O from Bad Hare Day: all the events in this book are weird, and I hate Tim Swanson, he id the dumbest Goosebumps protagonist in the history of the whole franchise! But Amaz-O is a really good villain, I think he's clever, and he kind of is one of the popular ones of the 90's. He returns in Return to HorrorLand (which is also bad), will this awesome and memorable magician ever be in a good story?