Goosebumps books have the best titles, but three of them reel you in like a fish on a hook, and then they let the fish go, they're not nessasarly bad, two of the three are good, but not there titles:

What I think the book should be called: The Tooth of the Spirit Hound

  • 2 The Birthday Party of No Return: the book is about a kid who wants to give his show off friend a vulture claw for his birthday, believing it's a bad luck charm, but the title sounds like an evil birthday party that you can't escape from, like The House of No Return.

What I think the book should be called: Unhappy Birthday to You

  • 1 Return to Ghost Camp: the book is about a boy who goes to camp FULL MOON, and he deals with a n evil anthrimorphic fox ghost called The Snatcher, but the title sounds like a sequel to Ghost Camp, this book doesn't even take place at camp SPIRIT MOON, it doesn't mention the characters or events from the original book, how is this book the sequel to Ghost Camp?

What I think the book should be called: The Horror at Camp Full Moon

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