Goosebumps is a good series, but sometimes, there are bad ones, it's okay, we all make mistakes, even Stine, here are the top 10 worst Goosebumps books:

  • 10: Go Eat Worms!: This book is weird, worms getting vengeance, It's low because it's kind of creepy.
  • 9: Night of the Giant Everything: Predictable from start to finish, and it has the dumbest twist endings.
  • 8: My Hairiest Adventure: This book is disgusting! Did Stine write this because puberty was scary for him? (No offense to Stine, because he's awesome :D)
  • 7: Scream School: It was scary until it turned out it was all a prank in the end °___°
  • 6: How I Learned to Fly: It's just about a kid that's flying, what's so scary about that?
  • 5: Frankenstein's Dog: It was boring
  • 4: Chicken Chicken: hate it.
  • 3: Say Cheese and Die — Again!: The plot is dumb, Greg let's the camera to prove his teacher it's real, but the horror's of the first book happen again, well why are you screwing with it Greg?
  • 2: Every Monster Blood (book) except for the second one: I don't understand why a book about green slime needed five books, they're all the same, at least the second one was clever, the worst Monster Blood is probably the fourth one.
  • 1: Fright Camp: This is the most boring, most dumbest book in the series, there is nothing supernatural in it, not scary, my copy of this book is bent after being thrown.

So all in all, R.L. Stine is a wonderful author, his books are amazing, but these ten, not so much.