These 10 are the best protagonist of Goosebumps, you go guys!

  • 10: Greg Banks: he's a smart kid, and he's a good friend. He's low because this trait was taken away from him in the sequel.
  • 9: C-C-Craig: He tries to prove he's brave, and I feel him, and I route for him, and I was happy for him in the end.
  • 8: Heidi Davidson: She's a logical girl, and a great hearted person.
  • 6: Billy Deep and Sheena Deep: They make a great team, sure they argue, but they work together so well.
  • 5: Ricky Beamer: I felt bad for him, so I couldn't blame him for turning all the kids that picked on him into creeps.
  • 4: Drew Brockman: She's a confedent girl, ans a Halloween lover, I love Halloween too.
  • 3: Gary Lutz: No one likes him, but why? I like him, and they prusuaded him to do this experiment.
  • 2: Hannah Fairchild: I love Hannah, in both the book and the film, she's such a wonderful character.
  • 1: Carly Beth Caldwell: Carly Beth is the Goosebumps Vetran! She is extremley memorable, a nice girl, and a leader in fact, she is probably the best of all the Goosebumps protagonist.

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