Slappy Valentine's Day everyone, to celebrate this day of love, and fear, here's a short story for you that I made up:

The Valentine's Day Horror:

It was February 14th, Valentine's day, and I really wasn't determined to make this day any special, then at school, Vanessa, the prettiest girl at school came up to me, and asked me out, I couldn't beleive I had a date, espessially Vanessa, she never talks to me, until now.

so after school, I bought a giant stuffed bear from Safeway, a box of Sweet Hearts, some red roses, and a box of Hunger Games Valentine's day cards, I felt good, I wanted everything to be just perfect.

I took a walk down the street, the wind feeling nice on my face, the salt air from the ocean for the first time didn't bother me, it was refreshing, but when I got to her house, I knocked on the door, and no one answered, I asked a neighbor if her family went out, but she said that no one has lived in that house for years.

"What?" I said, how could she say that? She goes to my school, she told me her adress, how could this not be her house, then I heared a whisper, "Be Mine!"

that whisper, it sounded so disturbing, What was I hearing? It sounded like the voice of an 80 year old woman whose about to die from smoking for 50 years, "Be Mine my Love, My Valentine, My Sweetheart! BEEEEEEEE MMMMMMMMIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNNNNEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

I felt a shiver down my spine, but I started to hear where that voice was coming from.

The cemetary, I walked right in, then all the sudden, I saw colorful lights in the sky, like balls of light, then, the Hunger Games Valentine's day cards caught on fire, the Sweet Hearts melted, the roses turned black, and the giant stuffed bear popped like a balloon, and I was covered in cotton.

I saw Vanessa, she was sitting on a head stone, wearing a black dress, she came right up to me, and her skin decayed, eyes hanging out, brain showing, she looked like a zombie, and she was trying to eat me, I pushed her down, and I ran and ran and ran.

So how was that story? did you enjoy it? did it make you shiver in fear? I hope so!

Well, for all the guys and ghouls out there on Goosebumps wiki, Slappy Valentine's day!

and if you're lucky, the love bug will come and bite you, and you'll either:

Fall in love like two bats


Catch a Fever and end up in the hospital, HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

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