Slappy Halloween

Zach and Stine ran through the forest, and saw Slappy sitting on a tree branch, above a fire, holding Hannah's manuscript, "Give me the key, or else I'll drop this book into the fire! And you'll never see her again!" Slappy yelled, Zach held the key, and through it to Slappy, "Now let her go!" Slappy drops the book, "your wish is my command bozo!" Zach ran, and caught the book before it even touched the fire, Slappy opens the book, and his monster army returns, The Werewolf and the Lawn Gnomes sourounded our heroes, and Murder holds an axe, Champ arrives and throughs a rock, hitting the book out of Slappy's hand, Stine catches it, the ghouls try to snatch it from him, "I don't think so you little devil!" Stine yells, he opens the book, and the monsters are sucked back in again, "You may have defeated me again, but it's not over, Slappy Halloween!" Then Slappy cackles, and vanishes, Zach opens Hannah's book, "My hero" Hannah replied, "Hannah, I love you" Zach says, "I've always wanted to hear you say that, ditto Zach, I love you too" Zach and Hannah kissed under the moon. The four walked home, "I'm so glad we didn't have to deal with all 180 stories" Stine said, they were all relieved too. Stine hears a voice, "Help me!" It was Davidson, he was still a Creep, "Help me please!" Stine looks at him, "I'm sorry, I've never written about a cure to identity seed infection".

  • Slappy Halloween from Goosebumps Wiki!

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