At the dance, a slow song was playing, Zach and Hannah danced as slow as the song, she looked into Zach's eyes, and his eyes read, "I want to spend the rest of my life with you" she gave him a kiss, and they stood in silence, both with a smile on their faces. All the sudden, a huge dragon blasted the roof off, "Be Afraid- Be Very Afraid!" Yelled Slappy, referencing the book the creature came from, The knight destroyed all the cakes, and The Haunter possesed all the Halloween decorations, everyone ran out in time, "What's that?" Asked Zach, "It's Mr. Wood!" Replied Hannah, "You're back, how was Chicago?" Slappy said, "Chilly, ih and by the way, I still have the books that Papa left back there, now all 180 stories will come to life!" Then all the sudden, there was a swoop. Zach woke up, with Stine next to him, "Zach, let's go" Zach looked confused, "Where's Hannah?" Asked Zach, Slappy and Mr. Wood trapped her in, "The Ghost Next Door" manuscript, they went off into the forest, we have to rescue her" so Stine and Zach got in the car, and headed straight to the forrest.

- Join us next week on October 31st for Part 5!

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