Halloween approaches, and the dance is tonight, Zach dresses as Jack from, "The Nightmare Before Christmas" exept he didn't wear a mask, because students weren't allowed to wear masks to school, Hannah comes out dressed as a gothic angle, "Woah Hannah, you look amazing!" Hannah blushes at Zach's kind words, Champ comes in the room with a sweater, "What are you supposed to be?" Asks Hannah, Champ replies, "I'm dressed as Freddy Krueger" Stine comes into the room, wearing a Godzilla coustume, all three of them started laughing, "Okay, are you gonna laugh at me, or am I going to take you guys to the dance?" Hannah appoligizes to Stine and says yes to option two. Stine drops the kids off and heads off home, but then, he sees something glowing in the woods, there he discovers Slappy, The Haunter, and The Knight in Screaming Armor, "Tonight, were going to give Papa a little treat, threaten him into releasing the rest of our friends!" Slappy sees Stine behind a tree, "Hey Stine, Trick or Trap! Ha ha ha ha!!!!!!" The Haunter begins to chase Stine, "I Have to Warn the Kids!"

- Join us again on October 24th for Part 4!

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