Slappy runs into The Invisible Boy, the only monster who evaded capture, he wore a sinister clown mask, so that Slappy could see him, "What's new?" Asked The Invisible Boy, "I barley escaped from the book" Slappy replied, "Some brats picked the book up, and slightly ripped a page, but we need the key from Stine to release the rest!" The Invisible Boy held a bag and two books, "Here's the manuscripts for The Knight in Screaming Armor and The Haunter, I also got a bag of the Creeps identity seeds, plant them on a victem" they both cackeled, the next day, Stine drove Zach and Hannah to school, "Thanks dad" Hannah says, Stine replied with a friendly, "You're welcome sweetheart" At lunch, Zach and Hannah sat down together, "So, are you gonna take me to the Halloween dance?" Zach replied, "you joking? Anything for you" Davidson comes to Zach, "Ever since you became the town hero, I became the new Sloth from The Goonies!" But as he was about to punch him, everyone in the cafiteria looks at him as if he were going to hit the most important person in the world, he let's go of Zach and leaves, "So I'm still taking you out?" Zach asked Hannah, then she gave him a smile, Later, Davidson grabs his spegetti from his bag with a drawing of a woman on it, then when he leaves to get a soda, Slappy shows up, and puts the identity seeds in the spegetti, "This should slow the moron down! Ha Ha Ha!" He returned to his food and took a bite, he starts to feel sick and runs to the bathroom, he looks in the mirror, and notices that his skin had turned purple. Join us again on October 17th for Part 3!

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