This was kind of hard, because I didn't think any of these books were bad, so I did my best, however, number 1 wasn't hard, because I do have a favorite out of these four.

  • 4: Trick or Trap: It's an okay Halloween story, and characters you just route for, because Scott and Amanda always get teased for being scared, now they want revenge.
  • 2: The 12 Screams of Christmas: it's a very interesting story, A ghost family thinks Kate is their daughter that died in 1880, pretty intense, in fact, I re-read this book last Christmas....AT 2AM!
  • 1: The Haunter: This book is just awesome, and the Haunter is just scary! Best Goosebumps Ghost villain since The Snatcher! I just enjoyed this book, Best out of all the special editions!

Done already? Don't worry, I'll do Goosebumps SlappyWorld once we get at least three books, and I'll just update it whenever a new book comes out.

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