This series was not what I was expecting, I was expecting all the books to be about the most nefarious Goosebumps Monsters, and we did get Slappy, The Gnomes, The Haunted Mask, Mrs. Maaargh, and STRANGLEY DR. MANIAC! But for the rest, we got new monsters that automaticly made the list, I'm not saying it's bad.

NOTE: the 4 special editions are getting their own list.

  • 11: Dr. Maniac Will See You Now: I already talked about this on my Top 4 sequels I wish never happend, but anyway, Hateful characters, and the return of the super villain that looks like he does crystal meth.
  • 9: Planet of the Lawn Gnomes: I love the Lawn Gnomes! But their sequel is more like a sequel to Beware, the Snowman, but with Lawn Gnomes, abd the plot summary is stupid. Jay will soon realizes there are things a lot scarier than his parents. Um, is your dad Pinhead or something?

Less Negative section:

  • 5: Night of the Puppet People: I'm not afraid of puppets, but I can relate to Ben and Jenny, because I know how it feels to have a certain fear since age 5.
  • 3: Creature Teacher: The Final Exam: it was pretty cool to see Mrs. Maaargh again except this time, she's playing King Jellyjam! Because Tommy goes to a sports camp, with her there, duh duh DDDDDUUUUUUHHHHH!!!!!!
  • 1: A Nightmare on Clown Street: My Favorite Most Wanted Book, it is just creepy, nothing like good ol' clowns to make your nightmares Freddy Krueger style, and the ending creeped me out, I also thought Murder the Clown was awesome in both the book and the movie, despite the fact he looks like Pennywise in the film, but oh well, it was cool!

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