Slappy is the MAIN villain of the Goosebumps movie, but the MAIN protagonist? A majority says it's R.L. Stine, and another majority says it's Zach Cooper, but who is the MAIN MAIN character? Here's a list of facts that supports their place:

R.L. Stine

  • The actor who plays him, "Jack Black" is the star of the movie.
  • Stine is the creator of all the monsters of the film, and the main villain, Slappy, is his evil alter ego.
  • He wrote the manuscript to stop all the monsters, making him a hero.
  • Stine is a real person, and the film is about a fictional version of him.

Zach Cooper

  • He is the narrator of the movie's novelization.
  • Most of the begining of the film focuses on him.
  • Zach was the one who came up with the idea on how to defeat the monsters, and made heroic actions throughout.
  • There is a love story between him and Hannah.

So who's the MAIN MAIN character? You be the judge.

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