So far with Goosebumps HorrorLand, we got our first promo image, and I wonder. Was the first film mostly about the original series, and the sequel will be about the HorrorLand series? Well, one thing's for sure, The Horrors are confirmed monsters, obviously, because they own HorrorLand.

As for Fear Street, we got this:

Producer Peter Chernin on FEAR STREET: "I can't tell you much, but we're working on it really hard. We have the coolest idea ever for it. It's a hard thing to say in this business, but I think it's never been done. We're working on it really hard. I hope in the next few months we'll have something to announce, but we've got some cool, cool stuff for a franchise."

Awesome right? Well, more updates are on the way about these two Stine tingling feature films.

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