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  • I live in Portland, OR
  • I was born on April 22
  • My occupation is Reading, Writing, and Gaming
  • I am Male
  • NicktheDummy

    Sometime last night or this morning, the cover for Escape from Shudder Mansion was revealed.

    What do I think about this:

    I think this is a really cool cover, a creature trying to break in through a barricaded door, that's kind of scary, and I like that this one is actually in a location instead of the monster standing in a colored background, Brandon did a really good job with this one.

    My final thought:

    I think this is the best cover in the SlappyWorld series so far, I hope Dorman keeps it up.

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  • NicktheDummy

    Here's my sixth Halloween story:

    When Halloween night approaches, when the wind blows and the Harvest moon rises, the scarecrows walk again, if you were to encounter one, use the symbol of Halloween to protect your soul.

    Those were the words that Jon read on a plank that sits on the entrance to the pumpkin patch, That's lame, is it supposed to scare me or something?

    Jon walked into the pumpkin patch, he saw the scarecrows next to the pumpkins, and the graveyard maze, he sat at the snack bar that was built to look like a barn, How are you doing Jodie? He asked, Jodie replied, I'm doing fine Jon, I'm glad you could make it. Jon shook yes, I look forward to this lake side Pumpkin Patch all year. He told Jodie, We'll I hope you'll check out the graveyard…

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  • NicktheDummy

    Here's my fifth Halloween Story:

    Nice find! Said Anna, talking to her sister Nichole, she found a ventriloquist dummy and a can of toy slime from a burned down antique shop, I just realized something! Shouted Nichole, We can use this stuff as decorations for the Halloween party Anna shook her head in agreement.

    Nichole placed the dummy in a chair, and she covered the Halloween decorations in the green slime, Anna finds a note in the dummy's pocket, Karru Marri Odonna Loma Molonu Karrano, Nichole laughs, Is that supposed to be something out of Chucky? Nichole sarcasticly replied, No, Freddy or Pinhead! I don't know Nichole! Nichole held her hands up, No, need to get snappy, I was just being funny. Anna gave her a smile, Or maybe Candyman! Anna started cha…

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  • NicktheDummy

    The Cemetery Vampire

    October 10, 2017 by NicktheDummy

    My fourth Halloween story:

    Anna was feeling the fall air on her face, it felt amazing to her, she later went inside to have some pumpkin spice egg nog. At the last minute, her sister Chris jump scared her by shoving a photo shopped picture of Mr. Potato Head with Steve Harvey's face, Beware of Mr. Potato Harvey! She screamed, You are so not funny! Anna yelled back, then she thought up a plan to scare her sister, Tonight, I'm going to do grave rubbings at the cemetery, you in? Anna asked Chris, You bet I am. She replied.

    Come 11:30 PM, the two girls managed to sneak out of the house, and Anna began her grave rubbings, Hey Chris, did you know that at midnight, the dead people six feet beneath us poke their hands out of the ground. Anna explained, Chris…

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  • NicktheDummy

    Here's my third monthly Halloween story:

    October 31st, Halloween, was HorrorLand's most busiest day of the year, and I should know, my name is Billy, and me and my family went to HorrorLand on Halloween.

    When we stepped foot in the park, me and my little brother Mark were amazed by how everything looked, it was amazing! Let's go to Werewolf Village! Said Mark, They got a maze in Wolfspain forest! On our way, we saw the parks employees called Horrors trick or treating, Mind your buisness kid! Shouted the Horror, and it through a pumpkin at me, Ow! Wow nice service I moaned.

    As we entered Wolfspain forest, it was pretty creepy inside, like being in a horror film almost, then all the sudden, I saw it, it was a werewolf, ha ha ha me and Mark both laughed,…

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