Chapter 1

I've been wanting to go to a summer camp for two years. I wanted to go to the Camp Dark Shadows.

Now, I can't even hear about it. I mean, my friends and I got lost in the forest, a fourteen years old girl drowned in the camp's pool... Even one of my best friends almost died!

But I'd better start my story at the beggining.

* * *

When I was twelve years old, I was told about the Camp Dark Shadows. My best friend, Miles Crossbane, read an article about it in a newspaper. Miles likes to read newspapers. I'm not sure why. I think he just likes to stay alert about the world around him.

I got really excited about the summer camp, but later, my dad told me that we didn't have enough money. Then, he said, "If you finish the school year with an average of B, you can win a Merit Scholarship."

In my school, the Southridge High School, Beaverton, in Oregon, if a "economically disadvantaged student" has an total average of B or more, he wins a Merit Scholarship, a amount of money of aproximatedly 1100$00 (wow). With that money, I definitely could go to Camp Dark Shadows. Yup, now I was pretty excited. All I had to do is have good grades! It can't be that hard.

Well, sometimes, I can be really wrong...

* * *

The day arrived.

The day finally arrived!

The day when I'm going to win my Merit Scholarship! I had actually an average of B! I took a quick glance at my watch. 7:06. The delivery of the scholarships starts in fifteen minutes! I thought. I got up quickly, got dressed, and ate my cereal. Then I grabbed my red bike and started pedaling to school, as fast as I could.

Fast... fast... fast...

The words just flew around my head. Echoed inside my brain.

As I arrived school, I jumped out of my bike and ran into the gates of my school. To my surprise, no one was there. I glanced at my watch again. 7:18. Weird, I thought. I entered the main building.

No one there, too. A clock stood in the middle of the front wall. I stared at it - and gasped.


"But... but how?" I muttered out loud. Then, a horrible thought made me want to cry.

The time had changed.

I totally forgot! Every single year, the time changes on these days, and I totally forgot!

And, then, another thought:

I lost my chance to win the scholarship this year.