I have a theroy That Mr Wood Killed Zach Dad. if you know Mr Wood Left Behind by Stine in Chingo i think person find Mr Wood to Kill Zach father  Imbd confilm Zach Father was a fireman but he was killed in line of duty. Books of movie confilm his own name. but in movie if you see closing when Zach watch viedo on camera you see gold medal star and in box that thing is problay be lamb. and He told Hannah how himself wish to move to Madison and said His Father Died last year (2014) if you play goosebumps games. go to player father and find a book said 2004. you see Zach walk with stine you see 2015 sigh. i think this might lead to a sequel which is possbly that Mr Wood will be Main Villian [[File:Mr_wood_goosebumps_the_game.png|thumb|In Goosebumps: The Game

Just a gush by aristine50-dan0yb7

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