This book gives mummies a bad name. Tut's rolling over in his tomb...

Who's Your Mummy? (review)

(This is a review, not a synopsis. For a recap, check out this page.)

No spoilers.

What a strange book. It might not be as strange as this book or that book, but it's an odd read. Actually, now that I've made the comparison, this book isn't all that different from Legend of the Lost Legend. (...I'm sure you all know how I feel about that book, but if not, I'll hint you in; I'm not a fan.)

Both books involves two kids without any real parental-figures for a majority of the story. The kids in both books end up having to save the one person who actually takes care of them. Also, both stories have fever-dream levels of weirdness,

But this isn't a Legend of the Lost Legend review, so I'll move on. (Now that I think about it, I really should do a full review of that book.)

Who's Your Mummy? is weird and a bit contrived. The entire book seems like a poorly thought out idea that goes on for too long and takes one-too-many twists along the way. The kids in this book are way to quick to accept absolutely insane scenarios.

"Uncle Jonathan takes the kids to a recreation of an Egyptian temple within the house."

Oh yes, that's completely normal behavior. I see.


Another user told me that this book was "gross", but is it bad that I don't find the idea of eating mummy guts to stay alive that gross? Does that make me a bad person?

I guess if you don't find the idea of eating mummy guts scary, then this book will likely not give you goosebumps.

Rating & Explanation

So far, 2 out of 2 non-sequel stories in this series haven't been good. This book isn't really bad, definitely not as bad as the last one, but I'd feel confident saying it's an easy skip.

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