(Upon the request of a couple of fellow users, I'm starting a review series. I'll do my best to discuss the Goosebumps franchise in the most fair way possible. I'll try to review the books that I finish reading and any books that I remember clearly.)

Revenge of the Living Dummy (review)Edit

(This is a review, not a synopsis. For a recap, check out this page.)

No spoilers.Edit

After a hiatus of about 8 years, Goosebumps returned like a Phoenix from the ashes. For any fans in 2008, Goosebumps was back! The first book to be released in this revival was Revenge of the Living Dummy. Was it any good though? I'll spoil my opinions a bit early to relieve suspense. It was actually okay.

Biggest complaint: it's pretty repetitive. If you've read any "Night of the Living Dummy" book, you'll immediately figure out a majority of the "twists" in this book.

The best thing about the book: It does a good job of tackling two supernatural elements at the same time. Revenge of the Living Dummy features The Mind Stealer and Slappy the Dummy, but neither character feels like they don't belong in the story. The story balances both characters in a way that made sense!

Also, occasionally throughout this book, the reader is "subtly" reminded that the story is set in the 21st century. Every time this book mentions a cell phone, it feels like a less than nonchalant reminder that this book is "new". I can only imagine Stine writing these scenes while wearing a backwards cap (and probably holding a few skateboards).


Slappy didn't actually die! Who would have guessed? It's not like he's died and come back four times prior to this book...

Rating & ExplanationEdit

Not a bad book. There are problems, but it actually does many things right. Has this review gone on for too long already? Edit: Looking back on it, it was probably too short.

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