I'm honestly getting tired of using the words "weird" and "strange" in my reviews because I feel like I overuse them... But with a book like Who's Your Mummy? and My Friends Call Me Monster, can anyone really blame me?

My Friends Call Me Monster (review)

(This is a review, not a synopsis. For a recap, check out this page.)

No spoilers.

Our protagonist, Michael "Monster" Munroe, is all of the following: buff, mature looking, bad tempered, and a computer tech genius. One of those things is not quite like the others... I wonder if it will wind up being a vital element to the plot later on... Who knoooows... *HINT HINT*.

Michael uses his radical extreme tech skills to create a device that opens the classroom blinds when he blows into a dog whistle, but (as you probably guessed) he gets busted. Also, Michael's teacher decides that forcing Michael and his friends to dig through a dumpster on a hot day is a fair punishment. I could be wrong, but that seems a little illegal.

If you think that the teacher's punishment was ridiculous and over the top, you'd be right. So why was it included?

Well that's simple. To give the protagonist the moral justification to break into the teacher's house as a part of a revenge scheme. Duh.


He finds out his teacher is an alien trying to hatch a bunch of giant monsters, yadayadayada, he leaves. About a day after breaking and entering, Michael returns to the scene of the crime. He is caught by his teacher and in a not-creepy-at-all scene, his teacher force feeds him eggs. Apparently the eggs taste like chalk. I don't know why I needed to tell you that, I guess I just thought you should know. Oh, also the eggs turn humans into alien-monsters.

Because he eats the eggs, Michael becomes a monster! What a clever and not contrived scenario.

But, as it turns out, giving your enemy super-alien strength is not a good plan. Michael uses his new power to inevitably overthrow his teacher's invasion. He becomes human again by eating more eggs.

Then -- twist ending -- he goes home and his parents give him cake, but it turns out that the cake was made by his teacher. His teacher baked alien eggs into the cake, so Michael unknowingly consumes them and turns into a monster.

...But somehow he becomes a human again for the "Enter HorrorLand" section. How convenient.

Rating & Explanation

This book is essentially just Calling All Creeps! mixed with Horrors of the Black Ring but with more awkward descriptions of egg eating. This book is more interesting than the previous book in the series, but it's so bizarre, and some parts of it barely make sense.

Also, all of the alien names seem to have been created by R.L. Stine slapping his keyboard and hoping for the best.

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