I think the Monster Blood books have the worst taglines...

  • It's a monster blood drive!
  • He's one hungry hamster!
  • Evan's growing up way too fast!
  • This blood is bad to the bone
  • It's slime time!

Really? Really?

It must be "slime time" because I'm reviewing all 5 Monster Blood books.

Monster Blood (review)

No spoilers.

This book isn't very good. I find it weird how this is one of the most popular Goosebumps books. The biggest problems with the book are a little spoiler-ish, so...


Why are there two supernatural elements in this book? This book would have been much better if had just focused on Monster Blood instead of adding the weird subplot of Sarabeth. Honestly, the Sarabeth-related stuff could have been an entirely different book.

Monster Blood II (review)

No spoilers.

Better than the first book. It hits a lot of the same ideas as the first, but at least it isn't bogged down by multiple supernatural elements.


The resolution is a bit of a cop out. Early in the book, it's established that the Monster Blood can says nothing on it... So how does an expiration date appear at the end of the story?

Monster Blood III (review)

No spoilers.

I don't hate this book, but I can't say that it's very good. There are plenty of weird elements of this book that most kids would miss. Like the awkward dialog. Everything the characters say feels a little forced.

The good: I like how the characters remember the events of the second book.

The bad: Kermit. Good antagonists should annoy the potagonist, not the reader. Kermit annoys the reader. He's presented as unlikeable and unredeemable. Who wants to read a book with a character like this?

Monster Blood IV (review)

No Spoilers.

This book suffers from a lot of the same problems as the third book. And by that I mean Kermit.

Also, this book feels tired. The Goosebumps series was waning, and this was how it ended. This book feels exactly like Monster Blood III. Several times throughout this book, I legitimately got déjà vu.

The once exciting concept of Monster Blood, and to an extent Goosebumps itself, had grown tired.

Monster Blood for Breakfast! (review)

No spoilers.

This book has to be better than the third and fourth Monster Blood books, right?

If you were to change Kermit's name and make him dumber than a block of wood, you'd get Bradley. Earlier I called Kermit unredeemable and annoying, but he is nothing compared to Bradley. Bradley is so dumb and annoying, you are garunteed to bang your head against a table at least once throughout this book.


As it turns out, Bradley is so annoying that the main character has no problem killing him off at the end of the book.

When our protagonist sees a killer plant approaching Bradley, he says nothing and does nothing.

At least there is justice in this world.

Rating & Explanation

The idea of Monster Blood was and is a very cool concept, but none of these books really do the concept justice. I can understand why the idea was reused so often. In order to better explain my feelings about each book, I'll just rank them:

  1. Monster Blood II
  2. Monster Blood
  3. Monster Blood III & Monster Blood for Breakfast! (Yes, it's a tie.)
  4. Monster Blood IV

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