This book is about the most powerful weapon known to man...


The brain.

Help! We Have Strange Powers! (review)Edit

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No spoilers.Edit

I really want to like this series. I'm honestly trying to like it, but these books are not the finest.

Also, the protagonists are twins. And their friends are twins. Twin twins. Twintwintwin. R.L. Stine goes out of his way to make the non-protagonist twins (Nina and Artie Lerner) as unlikable as possible.

"And when he [Artie] eats in the lunchroom, snot drips onto his sandwich."

Like, how does that add anything to the story?


A bunch of kids are at a mall, and a fortune teller robot gives them the ol' electric zappy-doo.

This gives them psychic powers that they use liberally throughout the next few chapters.

Some science guy gets mad at them for being psychic and stuff. But, when all hope seems to be lost:

>Nina and Artie reveal that they have had powers since birth, and they act nerdy in order to quell suspicions.

What? We're just supposed to like them now? No.

>Cranium tries to grab Jillian, but Nina twists and breaks his hand using her mind.


Rating & ExplanationEdit

This book was boring.

Also, it loses points for having characters that are over-the-top unlikable.

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