Book #2 already? I'm planning on reviewing the whole Goosebumps HorrorLand series eventually...

Creep from the Deep (review)

(This is a review, not a synopsis. For a recap, check out this page.)

No spoilers.

Billy's back at his old zany antics. Oh boy. Also, pirates.

This book is a good sequel. Some Goosebumps books (specifically one that I already reviewed) struggle with creating a sequel that doesn't rehash ideas. This book is enough like the original Deep Trouble to bring back nostalgia, but different enough to keep the reader "on their toes".

As far as complaints goes, I'm not sure if I have too many... Well, I have one complaint, but it's a bit spoiler-ish.


The characters all turn out fine!

The original series thrived on twist-endings and cliff-hangers that left the readers guessing! That isn't really the case with the HorrorLand series. Because of the Enter HorrorLand section at the end of each book, the reader knows ahead of time that the protagonists have to end up unharmed.

Speaking of which, I haven't mentioned the Enter HorrorLand section of each book yet. I think that the Enter HorrorLand subplot will eventually get its own separate review.

Rating & Explanation

It's a good book. I wasn't completely blown away, but it was a decent read.

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