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    This book is about the most powerful weapon known to man...


    The brain.

    (This is a review, not a synopsis. For a recap, check out this page.)

    I really want to like this series. I'm honestly trying to like it, but these books are not the finest.

    Also, the protagonists are twins. And their friends are twins. Twin twins. Twintwintwin. R.L. Stine goes out of his way to make the non-protagonist twins (Nina and Artie Lerner) as unlikable as possible.

    "And when he [Artie] eats in the lunchroom, snot drips onto his sandwich."

    Like, how does that add anything to the story?

    A bunch of kids are at a mall, and a fortune teller robot gives them the ol' electric zappy-doo.

    This gives them psychic powers that they use liberally throughout the next few chapter…

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    "Welcome to Camp Slither"?

    ...More like "Welcome to Another 20+ Day Hiatus!"

    (This is a review, not a synopsis. For a recap, check out this page.)

    This book lacks the one thing that has made Goosebumps such a long lasting series: Memorability.

    I only read this book a couple months ago and I can hardly remember the plot!

    Good thing I wrote a summary for this book or else I would have to... *Gasp* ...Re-read a book when I could be reading a new book!

    I remember snakes... Uh...

    Kids go to camp. Some people disappear. Oh, snakes. Snakes also appear.

    >Dr. Crawler's skin begins peeling off and he turns into a giant snake.

    I remembered that part.

    >Dr. Crawler and Uncle Jerry reveal that they had injected themselves with snake DNA, and the injections accidental…

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    "Say Cheese — and Die Screaming!"?

    ...More like "Say Cheese — and Take a 20+ Day Hiatus from Blog Reviews!"

    (This is a review, not a synopsis. For a recap, check out this page.)

    I've heard a couple of people say that they dislike this book. One reason that I heard was that this book didn't have Greg Banks, the protagonist in the previous two books involving the Camera.

    I'm about to share an opinion that might shock you; most of the Goosebumps characters are completely interchangeable.

    Think to yourself: what is one trait about Greg Banks that you like? What was his character arc?

    There's a good chance that you'll be drawing a blank on both of those. You might say, "his arc was to defeat the camera!" ...But that isn't an arc. He was presented with …

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    I was looking over the Scholastic website, and I made a very strange discovery about the book Brain Juice.

    The cover provided here  (mirror) was HD, so I figured I could clean it up and maybe add it to the Wiki. While I was inspecting the cover, I noticed that something about the tagline was... Weird.

    The cover provided on the Scholastic website says the line,

    "This is your brain. This is your brain on juice."

    In case that doesn't sound familiar, the line is a direct reference to an anti-drug PSA from the 1980s (link & link).

    When I first read that, I was a little surprised that they would reference such a serious topic. I also didn't remember the tagline at all. However, I was even more surprised when I realized that the tagline was replaced by S…

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    Hello everyone! Earlier today, Entertainment Weekly uploaded their interview with R.L. Stine, and at about 12 minutes in, Stine hinted at a Goosebumps comic book.

    If you don't feel like watching the video, here's a recap:

    • Stine wasn't allowed to talk about the topic, hinting that something was being planned.
    • Stine wouldn't be writing for the series.
      • This either means they will use new plots (not created by Stine) or they will reuse Stine's older plots.
    • The way that Stine talked about the possible new comics made them sound as if they wouldn't be a continuation of the Goosebumps Graphix series.

    Needless to say, I'm pretty hyped... Unless this is a Slap…

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