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    In the not too distant past — the year 2017 — I actually did reviews.

    ...But I became so bored of summarizing the Enter HorrorLand subplot that I ended up putting it off for months. So, instead of abandoning reviews, I'll just review something that seems like fun.

    For more info on the episode, consider checking out the article.

    I remember watching this episode once, but I don't remember it being particularly good.

    The episode starts off at an ice-cream parlor. And, like with any classy establishments, there are ants crawling all over the counter and the food. As a matter of fact, there are swarms of ants everywhere!

    The episode's production quality immediately begins to shine in two areas:

    1. Rather than using actual ants, the production team decid…

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    So, you want to make a character page? Well, I would like to help you make the best character page possible!

    Before we get into designing a page, let's discuss what does and doesn't need to be a page.

    According to this wiki's rules,

    Don't make pages you don't intend to edit. [...] when you create a page, don't simply write a sentence and move on to another page. Add as much meaningful information as you can. [...] don't create a page for something that doesn't need a page. Please do not create pages for background characters/creatures without any significant information about the character.
    If a user creates a poorly written or poorly formatted page, and the admins believe that the user does not intend to fix the page, the admins may mark it for …

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    10,000 Edits!

    January 4, 2018 by GoosebumpsArt
    This blog post marks my 10,000th contribution to the Goosebumps Wiki!


    It's taken a lot of time to get here, but I think it was all worth it.

    Our Wiki has improved so much over the past couple of years.

    . . .

    Alright, enough of this sappiness. Time to get back to editing!

    Editors Beware!
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    I really, really liked my old avatar, but all things must change eventually. So — without further ado — here's my new avatar:

    (Inspired by The Curse of the Mummy's Tomb.)

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    Hello everyone!

    There's been a lot of confusion over which characters mentioned in the title above are which (especially witht the release of I Am Slappy's Evil Twin).

    To help end the confusion, I'm going to summarize all that we know so far.

    Warning: this post contains some mild spoilers from Night of the Living Dummy, Slappy's Nightmare, and I Am Slappy's Evil Twin.

    1. Wally isn't Mr. Wood. When asked about them, Stine addressed them separately.
    2. Mr. Wood was brought to life by a magician named Kantuu using black magic.
    3. Both Wally and Snappy play nearly identical roles, so it is likely that they are the same character.
    4. Slappy and Snappy were created by Mahar using black magic that he learned from Kantuu.
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