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    Many people seemed to like my last avatar, but it's come time for me to change it up. This one's a bit more humorous than the last:

    (Inspired by Legend of the Lost Legend.)

    But that's not all. As of today, I am retiring from daily edits. I have edited at least once a day — every day — (according to Fandom's clock) for a long time now, but I think it's time for me to slow down. I will still be active, but I thought I should let you guys know.

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    R.L. Stine is offering the opportunity to have your name included in an upcoming Goosebumps books, but the offer ain't cheap.

    Here's the tweet announcing it.

    The auction itself.

    If you have a few thousand dollars to spare, consider getting your name put in the next Goosebumps book! The proceeds benefit the Authors Guild.

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    Can you judge a cover by its cover?

    Inspired by Goddy's review, I will be reviewing every cover in the Classic Goosebumps series. In order to rate the covers, I will be using the Salppometer™®©:

    Rating: Meaning:

    1 Dorman did a killer job with this cover. It doesn't try to copy the original at all, and the result is a uniquely iconic cover.

    Cool colors, cool angle, subtle design. I like this one.


    2 This is probably the only cover in the series that I might consider too subtle. The original shows a shark approaching a boy, which instills a sense of danger. This one doesn't have that sense of danger.

    That being said, I still enjoy this cover. It's detailed and attractive. While the cover isn't really scary, I'd say that matche…

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    They're here! They're here!

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    Creepy Co. just release a bunch of new stuff; 8 new products total!

    Also, it appears they've begun experimenting with original illustrations.

    Am I mistaken, or is this the first official Goosebumps dress shirt?

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