My final purchases just came in the mail. Here's what I got:

Yup, that's all I got. Nothing too interesting. Monster Blood 1 & 2 aren't in amazing condition, and Monster Edition 3 has some minor interior marks on the side, along with a minor tear near the lower part of the spine. The Monster Blood books came in a set for $6, and Monster Edition #3 was only $4 with free shipping, which is a good deal I'd say.

I'm getting more Goosebumps items on Christmas, so that's probably when the next collection update will be. Overall, I'm happy with purchases, and I'm pretty satisfied with my collection. Though, I really need to get all the original 62 books. But since I rarely ever have any extra money to spend, that won't be anytime soon. Also, I have way too many duplicates now (more than one version of the same book). I might sell some of them at some point.

So yeah. My 1 year anniversary is coming up in a few days, so expect a "My History With Goosebumps" section on my profile soon.

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