Okay. So, I noticed that many of you think that the Invisible Boy is Brent Green from My Best Friend is Invisible. But ACTUALLY the real Invisible boy is Max Thompson from Let's Get Invisible!. 

How do I know this? Well...

Reason number one: In the Goosebumps Activity Book, there is a question asking "How did the boy became invisible?" ( Or something like that. I didn't had enought time to see the question. The book wasn't mine) and one of the answers said "By looking himself in a Cursed Mirror." In the book, Max turned himself invisible by staring the Haunted Mirror.

Reason number two: One of the books of the Classic Goosebumps Box released during the film is Let's Get Invisible.

Reason number three: In Monster Survival Guide, it says that the Invisible Boy has is handsome, and also has cute eyes and nice blond hair, which is the description of Max.

And (finally) reason number four: I read that the reason why The Invisible Boy wasn't sucked into the book was because the boy was human, and not technically a monster (since Zach wrote that "All the monsters were sucked into the book and never be seen again. That also includes Carly Beth. Only the mask was sucked away from Carly Beth's face since the mask was the only monster, and Carly a human). Anyway, Max is just a human that was turned invisible by a mirror, while Brent WAS a human who was turned into an invisible monster by his own mother so he could live and not be killed by the aliens.

So, yeah. In conclusion, The Invisible Boy is actually Max Thompson. Comment if you still think the boy is Brent, and if yes, tell me WHY.

Peace. G' bye.


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