• I was born on July 16
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  • Daniel132777

    So,you may know I like Goosebumps, right (I mean, who doesn't?)

    And I also like to write stories. So I decided to make a story on Wattpad based on the Goosebumps monsters. It's not a scary story, though. Is about the children of the Goosebumps monsters.

    Yep. Is called Goosebumps High. Here's how it began:

    R.L Stine opened all the books and released the monsters. The monsters were all angry at him but he said, "My children. I know I kept you inside those books for twenty years. But now you are free. I'll let you live freely, but on two conditions. One, you cannot make more destruccion or scare people. And two, your children will have to come to a special school I made specially for them. Once they become fifteen, they'll have to go to this sch…

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  • Daniel132777

    Okay, guys I have something to tell ya but please don't die or have a heart attack after I tell you this:

    My neighbor is Dylan Minnette.

    Okay, not really my neighbor, but he still lives in the city I live: Las Vegas.

    Here's the story: In school, we were supposed to look for kids that, for example, had rode a pony, or jump bungee, or have a neat toy, and stuff like that. Well, I was supossed to look for a person that had met someone famous.

    I found this girl called Joey Minnette. I asked her if she knew someone famous, and she said yes. When I asked her who was this famous person, she told me that was a main character of the Goosebumps Movie: Dylan Minnette. I couldn't believe what she told me. The best actor of the Goosebumps Movie (Sorry Jack…

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  • Daniel132777

    So this is a list of the monsters who I think would appear in Goosebumps 2:

    -Slappy the Dummy: Obviously he would appear, either as the main antagonist, a secondary antagonist or an anti-hero.

    -Mr. Wood: I think he would be the main antagonist. The reason he wasn't in the first movie is because ( In the Goosebumps Game ) Stine only capture Slappy back to his book, and Mr. Wood was left in the book store of Chicago.

    -The Haunted Mask: The mask will use again Carly Beth as host. Like many fans, I also want it to have a bigger roll.

    -Curly: I know he doesn't have a book, but I think he would be the host of the Evil Camera for this reason: Say Cheese and Die! is Curly's favorite book. Or maybe he can have a cameo, like when Zach, Hannah and Champ …

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  • Daniel132777

    Okay. So, I noticed that many of you think that the Invisible Boy is Brent Green from My Best Friend is Invisible. But ACTUALLY the real Invisible boy is Max Thompson from Let's Get Invisible!. 

    How do I know this? Well...

    Reason number one: In the Goosebumps Activity Book, there is a question asking "How did the boy became invisible?" ( Or something like that. I didn't had enought time to see the question. The book wasn't mine) and one of the answers said "By looking himself in a Cursed Mirror." In the book, Max turned himself invisible by staring the Haunted Mirror.

    Reason number two: One of the books of the Classic Goosebumps Box released during the film is Let's Get Invisible.

    Reason number three: In Monster Survival Guide, it says that the …

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