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    I have read all orignal series goosebump books heres where i'd rank them all from my favorite to least favorite [ones with the same number are ties]

    .1 the huanted school

    2.beware the snowman

    3. the phantom of the auditorium

    4. night of the lving dummy 2

    5.say cheese and die

    6. calling all creeps

    6 welcome to dead house

    7. ghost camp

    7. the ghost next door

    8. ghost beach

    9. piano lessons can be murder

    10. the scarecrow walks at midnight

    11. my best friend is invisible

    12. the huanted mask

    13. night of the living dummy

    13 stay out of the basment

    14. the curse of camp cold lake

    15. the headless ghost

    16. reavenge of the lawn gnomes

    17. monster blood

    17 lets gte invisible

    17. attack of the jack-o-lanters

    18. monster blood 2

    19. the barking ghost

    19 werewolf skin

    20. m…

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