"Tune in Tomorrow" is a short story from the book More & More Tales to Give You Goosebumps.


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Elizabeth is a girl who has recently become obsessed with a brand new show called "Looking Toward Tomorrow".  It is a reality television show that follows the exploits of a young girl named Elinor. As Elinor pours herself a glass of juice, Elizabeth suddenly finds herself craving for a glass of juice also. Then, Elinor gets spooked and drops her glass and so does Elizabeth!

A man rings Elinor's doorbell and simultaneously Elizabeth's doorbell rings. After some time, Elizabeth is still clueless and still very wrapped up in the show, even when Elinor's mother gets injured from an exploding water heater. When Elizabeth's mother gets hit in the head by a fallen tree limb, she opts to stay home to see what happens to the mother.

On the television show, a giant rottweiler attacks Elinor right before the cable goes out  Elizabeth hurriedly calls the cable company and they inform her that the station she was watching the show on does not exist...

Elizabeth hears some noise out front and goes to open the door when...

Revealed elsewhere is a girl named Lisa. Watching the events of the short story on a series called, Life With Elizabeth.


  • This story deploys the idea of a story within a story, within a story.
  • An odd foreshadow is that all of the girls names match. Such as ELInor and ELIzabeth. Lisa's name is in itself derived from Elizabeth.