Trigger is the Evan Ross dog in the Monster Blood book and their successors.


Monster Blood

When Evan Ross stays for a few days at his aunt Kathryn's, Trigger travels with him.

After meeting Andy, she and Evan find the Monster Blood in a toy store. Trigger eats a little of that and begins to grow in size causing chaos. Later, after defeating the Monster Blood, Trigger returns to its normal size.

Finally, he returns to home with Evan.

Monster Blood II

In this book not much is known about Trigger, only that appears in the dream of Evan eating more Monster Blood and increasing again of size only to attack Evan.

Monster Blood III

In this book, Trigger does not have much protagonism. He only appears at the end of the story with little Evan climbing over him to ask for help from his father.

Monster Blood IV

Trigger returns in Monster Blood IV, accompanying Evan back to Kermit's house.


  • He is a cocker spaniel.
  • He has lived his entire life with Evan.

Trigger's appearance in the television episode is completely different than how he was described in the book.



Television and Film

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