Trapped in the Circus of Fear is the third special edition book of the Give Yourself Goosebumps gamebook series. It was published in 1998.

The cover art shows an evil clown who was grinning while juggling skulls. A big top circus tent was behind him in the background.


You and your friend, Richie do a great performance at a circus camp. As a reward, both of you are allowed to participate in a real circus. At the beginning of the book, you must choose only three items out of a list to take to the circus. 

List of endings

There are twenty-one bad endings and five good endings.

Bad endings

  • Getting pinned by a knife.
  • Squashed flat by Geyorg.
  • Geyorg strangles you to death when you try to give Mr. Peepers a bag of peanuts.
  • Mistress Barbarous turns your fingers into tufts of cotton candy.
  • You escaped the circus but accidentally left Richie and the freaks behind. You survive, but the book clearly tells you this is a bad ending because you were supposed to save them.
  • Bostini devours you.
  • Your head is bitten off, however, Mistress Barbarous attaches your ears on the sides of the neck.
  • You and Richie become Siamese twins joined at the stomach.
  • Becoming a human cannonball.
  • Getting thrown into a jar of goop.
  • Lions attack you for pointing.
  • You decide that a lion is more dangerous than Mistress Barbarous. The book scolds you for not paying attention, and it's implied that Barbarous eats you.
  • You're squashed inside a clown car with Richie as clowns pile in on top of you.
  • Permanently become a clown.
  • You escape the circus but forever smell awful. One year later, you return to the circus and place yourself in the jar.
  • Fall off a tightrope.
  • You take too long to decide what to do with the ball of twine and you fall to your death.
  • The knife thrower throws his knife at a rope holding the trapeze, and you fall to your death.
  • Fall flat on your face for missing the trapeze.
  • Dancing forever.
  • The bullwhip wraps you up.

Good endings

  • Non-ending: By doing the word search, you were able to survive getting attacked by the lions and provided with helpful tips. However, you get sent back to the beginning of the story.
  • The entire story was all a dream and you decide not to go to the circus.
  • You destroy Mistress Barbarous' powers by snatching her pendant. 
  • You turn Mistress Barbarous into a gorilla and change all the freaks back to normal.
  • You show Bostini the photos, causing him to cry. You sell your photos of the freaks to a tabloid and everyone laughs at you.

International releases

No. Book Country/Language Translated title Release date Publisher


Trapped in the Circus of Fear - Russian Cover - Цирк-западня


Circus Trap 2006 РОСМЭН-ПРЕСС



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