Tommy Frazer is the main protagonist in the fifty-ninth Goosebumps book, The Haunted School.


Before school started for Tommy in the fall, his father got married again and then they moved to a town called Bell Valley and they had to move so fast that Tommy never had a chance to say good-bye to his friends. Tommy's first days in Bell Valley Middle School were not very easy for him. The kids weren't unfriendly, but Tommy found it very hard to talk to them, because he didn't know any of them. He hardly knew his stepmother either and she told him that he'll be really handsome as soon as he loses all his baby fat, which Tommy didn't think was a good compliment. Things really have not been very easy for Tommy in the first week.

Then one Monday morning, the principal, Mrs. Borden asked if anyone would like volunteer for the Dance Decorations Committee and she needed kids to help decorate the gym. Tommy was most eager to do that, as he felt this could be his chance to make new friends for sure. So later on, he began helping out alongside Thalia Halpert-Rodis and Ben Jackson.

General information

Physical appearance

Tommy is twelve years old, Caucasian, short and a little chubby with black hair that sticks out like straw.


Tommy was very lonesome when he moved to Bell Valley. He is not shy and he doesn't hate school, but he found it very hard to make new friends at the school as he hardly knew anyone there. He hardly even knew his stepmother either, except he doesn't think that she is very good with compliments. He was also determined to make a good impression and make new friends. Tommy is also a total klutz and he finds it very embarrassing in front of people he doesn't know. But he is good friends with Thalia and Ben and he thinks that everyone (apart from Greta) is okay. Tommy is also a very kind and polite person with a fair bit of humor in him and he is always quick to apologize if he did something that others didn't like and he won't stand for any nonsense from tormentors and would stand up for those they are tormenting. No matter what, Tommy is always a positive person and is always willing to make friends and help them out in some situations.


  • It was never said what happened to Tommy's real mother. But since Tommy didn't say anything about seeing her again when he thought he was going to be trapped in Grayworld forever, it would imply that his father was originally widowed.
  • Tommy never said where he originally lived before moving to Bell Valley.