Tim Swanson is the main protagonist of the Goosebumps book Bad Hare Day. He is a budding magician and is into magic tricks. He has a ten-year-old younger sister called Ginny.


Tim was really into magic tricks, and his biggest idol was Amaz-O. One day he steals a bag of tricks from him, and tries them out on his own. But the tricks in Amaz-O aren't any regular old magic tricks, as Tim later finds out.


Tim loves doing magic tricks, especially in front of an audience and he has always dreamed of being a famous magician and he also thought of calling himself Swanz-O. He also considers himself to be a professional magician, even though he sometimes makes mistakes. Another reason that Tim also wants to be a magician is so that he can make Ginny disappear as he has a very bad relationship with her, since she is always spoiling his magic shows, striking at him with her karate moves and flicking his nose up. Tim considers Ginny to be a real bother and he thinks that Ginny just does whatever she wants. There are moments though when Tim isn't perfect himself. He can be a bit of a liar and stubborn and sometimes he doesn't keep any promises and he pretty likely did some things that his parents didn't like, not to mention that he stole Amaz-O's kit. Tim can also be pretty naive, considering he thought one of Mr. Malik's tricks was really cheap. Not only does he have a bad relationship with Ginny, but Tim also considers his mother to be horrible, due to how grumpy she is and he feels that no one in his family appreciates him, as they consider Ginny's karate to be most important and that they think Tim's magic is just a hobby. But in spite of everything, Tim would never let anything stop him from becoming a famous magician (or rabbit) just like Amaz-O.


Tim is twelve years old, Caucasian, tall and thin with curly light-brown hair, hazel eyes and a nose that is long and curved up at the end.



Television and Film


  • Dov Tiefenbach (television series)


  • Tim's actor, Dov Tiefenbach also played Fred Drake in The Ghost Next Door.
  • Tim's parents are often grumpy and Tim feels like neither of them appreciate him or care about his magic tricks. This may not be true because Mr. and Mrs. Swanson have shown signs that they still love their kids. They're probably just grumpy because of their jobs. And Tim must have done some things that his parents didn't like as he said to Foz that Ginny could do no wrong.