The Werewolf of Fever Swamp is the eighteenth and nineteenth episodes of Season 1 of the Goosebumps TV series. The episodes aired on Fox Network on May 17, 1996. The episodes were based on the Goosebumps book of the same name. It was directed by William Fruet.


Differences from the Book

  • In the episode the dog is named Vandal, not Wolf (due to the dog breaking the door in when it first appears).
  • The ending in the episode is slightly different from the book. In the book, Grady transforms into the werewolf and runs into the swamp with Wolf. In the episode, Grady walks outside and suddenly howls at the moon, but the viewer doesn't see his transformation.


  • The original premiere of this episode and its VHS release include R.L. Stine as the television episode's host.
  • In Grady's room, there is a skateboard featuring the mask that is on the cover of the earlier Goosebumps book The Haunted Mask, which, like all book covers, was also the picture on the subsequent video released.
  • These two episodes were originally broadcast as a one-hour special during prime time.



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