"The Spirit of the Harvest Moon" was the final short story featured in the book More Tales to Give You Goosebumps.


Jenny's parents take her to a nearly-abandoned lodge deep in a forest near the end of summer where it turns out there are no other guests. She meets the lodge owner, his 12-year-old son Tyler and a dog called Bravo. That first night, the owner locks her windows and won't let her open them, and she then hears a ghostly voice calling her name and saying it's cold from outside. Tyler tells her that there was a hiker who mysteriously went missing and now comes back as a ghostly mist. The ghost takes one person every year on the night of the Harvest Moon. Though she tells her parents, they say he was probably just playing a joke on her. On the night of the harvest moon, they leave her alone but tell her that Bravo will be outside to protect her. She later hears Tyler yelling for help and claiming that he locked himself out. Jenny tells him to stay away because she thinks he's the ghost and hears Bravo barking. The dog chases after the boy and scares him away. Bravo then comes back to the door and barks. When Jenny lets him in, the dog looks up, says thank you, and then tells her that it's cold outside.