"The Revenge" is the second story in Goosebumps Triple Header: Book Two.


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Amelia and her friend Isaac are playing with her dog Fluffy. Cory Calder, the school bully, breaks up the fun by accusing Amelia of squealing on him. Cory then picks up the dog's ball and throws it into the busiest street in town, leaving Amelia to watch in horror as her dog rushes towards the busy intersection.

Fluffy survives and Amelia vows revenge. Amelia briefly thinks about telling the police, but eventually remembers that Isaac (Or "I-Sick" as Cory calls him) told her about a fortune teller he had met who promised that for $100, she could teach anyone the secrets of astral projection, the ability to separate the soul from the body. Amelia withdraws the contents of her savings account, which just happens to be $100, and heads to Madam Margo's.

Isaac waits for her outside while she trudges up to see the fortune teller. Margo greets her at the door. An enormously obese figure, the woman struggles to take a seat across a table from Amelia. After getting every prediction about her wrong, Margo finally guesses that she wants to learn the secret of astral-projection. Margo explains that Amelia can only use astral projection for a sum total of one hour. Margo warns that if she stays out of her body for longer than an hour, she'll be trapped in the spirit world forever. However, she can split up the hour how ever she wants. Margo suggests six ten minute trips. Margot says a strange chant, counts Amelia's money and then kicks her out. Outside the fortune teller's, Cory hits Amelia with his bike, bloodying both her knees. He then runs over Isaac's foot.

The next day at school, Amelia puts her plan into action. She hides in the janitor's closet and floats out of her body to play pranks on Cory.

That night, Amelia sneaks out of the house and crouches below Cory's bedroom window. Amelia only has ten more minutes left to use her astral projection powers, so she has to use them wisely. She decides that since she's already sort of like a ghost in astral-form, she'll pretend to be a ghost and scare Cory. Before she can leave her body she's stopped by Fluffy, who followed her all the way to Cory's. She hugs the dog then slips out of her body into Cory's bedroom. She tries to scare him awake but discovers nothing works. Unexpectedly, she feels a hand grab her wrist: It's Cory!

Cory tells her that his Aunt Margo told him about her visit, knows about the astral projection powers, and that he plans to keep her in his bedroom until it's too late for her to return to her body.

As Amelia counts down the last minute, Cory suddenly loosens his grip and howls out in pain. What's attacking Cory? Fluffy. Amelia recalls that she was hugging Fluffy before she used her powers. The dog distracts Cory long enough for her to jump back into her body before it's too late. Unfortunately, Fluffy never makes it back to her body, but it all works out okay. Cory doesn't bother Amelia or Isaac anymore since Fluffy keeps him in line.