"The Mummy with My Face" is the third and final story in story in Goosebumps Triple Header: Book 2.


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Eleven-year-old Norm and his older sister Claire are on a tour of an Egyptian pyramid.

Their parents are in Egypt on business, leaving the two kids to wander Egypt by themselves. They get separated from the rest of the tour and meet up with a bearded Middle Eastern man wearing a long white robe. He introduces himself as Ari and invites the kids to another pyramid. Both kids agree that this is a fine idea, so they go off alone with the strange man into an empty dark building.

Ari tells them some stuff about the pyramid that sounds close to the back story from Return of the Mummy, with ancient curses and the like. Once inside the dark of the pyramid, Ari disappears, leaving the kids to fend for themselves armed only with a torch. The kids walk into a room where a mummy comes to life and then they pull a secret lever and fall down a sloped shaft into another room with more mummies.

In the second room they spy a framed photo on the wall of the tomb, showing Norm's picture. The caption identifies Norm as the late boy king entombed within the pyramid. Then there's some more mummies and they find another room, this time with Claire's framed photo identifying her as an Egyptian princess. Neither kid bothers to question why an Egyptian family would create picture frames thousands of years before pictures existed, probably because they soon find themselves under attack from more mummies. Norm takes out his father's cell phone, which was given to him in case of emergencies.

He's unable to get a signal but as soon as he flips opens the cell phone and tries dialing, the mummies halt their advance.

As we're taken inside a control room within the pyramid, where Dr. Martez watches a video monitor quizzically as the two kids lie down. He asks Ari why they're behaving that way and he shrugs his shoulder. Suddenly a wave of mummies attacks the control room.

Cut back to the kids in the pyramid who are attacked by some more mummies and then the mummies stop.

Cut now to outside the pyramid as Ari and Dr. Martinez are being led away in handcuffs. It is revealed that their plan for an Egyptian-themed amusement park called Mummyland has failed.