The Mind Stealer is a magical shrunken head with the body of a doll, and it has the power to steal minds. It appeared in the first book in the Goosebumps HorrorLand series, Revenge of the Living Dummy.


Revenge of the Living Dummy

Britney Crosby finds the mind stealer, then it disappears later in the story, when she discovers about Slappy being alive, she finds it, and uses it to steal Slappy's mind, causing him to drop dead. Slappy's last words in the book were, "I'll be back Britney, I'm a BAAAAD BOY!"


  • Slappy came back at the end either because the Mind Stealer didn't work, or because its powers ware off.
  • The Mind Stealer should not be confused with The Shrunken Head from How I Got My Shrunken Head, although they looks are very similar.

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