"Haunted Mask II" is the eleventh and twelfth episode of season two of the Goosebumps TV series, and the thirtieth and thirty-first episode overall. Part one and part two premiered on October 29, 1996 on Fox Kids Network respectively.


  • John White as Steve Boswell
  • Amos Crawley as Chuck Greene
  • Kathryn Long as Carly Beth Caldwell
  • Kathryn Short as Sabrina Mason
  • Julie Khaner as Marilyn Boswell
  • Colin Fox as Shopkeeper
  • Scott Wickware as Haunted Mask
  • Brenda Bazinet as Carly Beth's Mom (credit only)
  • Andrea O'Roarke as 11-Year-Old Girl
  • Derek Boyes as Husband
  • Cody Jones as Noah Caldwell (credit only)
  • Hayley Lochner as Scolded Child
  • Dave Harvey as Kindly Old Man
  • Hamille Rustia as Trick-or-Treater #1
  • Shannon Duff as Trick-or-Treater #2
  • Bucky Hill as Football Player
  • Alex Campbell as Vampire Boy
  • Trevor Wilson as First Teen
  • Jeremy Tracz as Second Teen
  • Christian Matheson as Third Teen
  • Alli Hicks as Young Mother
  • R.L. Stine as himself (host)


Differences from the book

The episode has some differences that were not present in the book. The book was about Steve Boswell coming across the old man mask that gradually began turning him into an old man. The television episode had the Haunted Mask revive on its own and possess the mask maker in an attempt to merge with Carly Beth again. All the while, Steve finds the old man mask and it bonds to his face. The Haunted Mask decides to use Steve as his minion in order to get to Carly Beth. And at the very end Steve and Carly Beth decided to burn their masks at Steve's place, shockingly Carly Beth's mask suddenly returns.

Home releases


Poster advertising the US VHS release.

"Haunted Mask II" was released on VHS in the US on July 29, 1997, and October 1, 1999 in the UK. It was released on DVD on September 7, 2004.

Title Release date Media type

The Haunted Mask II



July 29, 1997 (US)

October 1, 1999 (UK)


The Haunted Mask II

September 7, 2004 DVD